Can't find my account

Can't find my account

Hi. I wonder if anyone can help me. I set up a Premium Account for my family and added my two kids. I now want to add my wife but when I log into my account it says I am only a standard member. The money is coming out of my bank account and we can use the Premium service but my account doesn't seem to reflect this. 


I can't even find the email from Spotify confirming I signed up to the Premium service so I'm not quite sure what to do net as Spotify make it very difficult for people to contact them which is very frustrating when you're paying the money! Any suggestions as to how I can resolve this would be gratefully received! Many thanks. Michael

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Hello @user-removed and welcome to the community!



Don't panic! If you can't acces your account, you can't cancel it, you need to contact Spotify Customer Support filling this anonymous contact form. You need to answer some question to confirm your identity.


Let me know how it works!

Have a nice day 🙂

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