Can't find my public playlist

Can't find my public playlist








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I have created a public spotifylist on my free account. Now I can not find the list through the search bar. I can find my profile back. How can I ensure that my list is found?




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Hi @Willeke1,


sorry to hear that, but don't worry... 😉


Did you make your playlist recently?

Then maybe it will just pop up after a few days.

If you want other people to find your list right now, they can find it via clicking on your profile.

Once your list is followed by some people it will  get easier to find it by title, using the search bar.


Some general tips to make sure your lists will be found:

It helps if the title is specific or original. You can add some tags or keywords that describe the content, in the description box below the title. (Just click on the title and you can type it in). If people use these words in the search bar they might find your list.


Finally:  maybe you want to post your list in this community, in the forum 'playlist exchange'.


Good luck, have a nice day and many followers of your list 😉



Thank you for your advice.


I waited a few days, but I still can not see it. Not even now that I have added tags in my description.I am now trying to get more followers through the 'planlist exchange' group. Hopefully my list will be findable!


More tips are always welcome. Thanks for your help!


Hi, like with every other post stating they have this issue, the problem lies in the playlists popularity. Spotify won't show it until it has some followers, the lowest i've seen was 5. So you are not going to find the public playlist through search bar, so you have to share the playlist through the other means. This is definitely done on purpose with a reason behind it, and I personally am of the opinion that it is a bad business decision once people find out about it, with the infuriating factor that something mildly inconveniences me or you. 


This is something that will simply take time. You can try having friends follow your playlist or use another social media account to recommend it to people. The more people who follow it or listen to it, the higher it will go up in the lists.

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