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Can't get Spotify Premium with PayPal


Can't get Spotify Premium with PayPal

Today I saw there was a 30 da free trial thing so I went ahead to get it. When I typed in everything it looped me back to the page that lets me select my payment option. My zip code was entered the same as on Spotify. I've tried buying it several times. Everytime paypal says loading after I click "I accept and agree" then brings me to purchase page. Please help

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You can't. They're useless. I use YouTube red now and love it. Would
recommend that. If they won't fix simple issues like these they don't get
my business.

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Thanks. Useless, isn’t it? I’ll try your suggestion.

Exactly. I am having the same problem still today and they havent fixed it so I'm just gonna keep using youtube. If they cant fix their **bleep** then they wont get any money. If they assume you are going to solve their problems for free while you pay them, they might as well perish.

Doesn't work for me either. Have the same country in PayPal and Spotify. After I accept the payment on the PayPal, I get back to the payment select page without any further actions.

Did it several times. Tried to wait for a day - nothing helps.

Exactly the same. Haven't had reply from them either.

Hi, I'm also having the same problem and it's really annoying me so, if anyone gets their reply could you post here? Thanks!


p.s: I've also dmed their team on twitter about this, if they reply I'll leave it here too.

I have to agree, I literally just spent an hour trying to get premium working and then coming to this thread. and it was posted in SEPTEMBER... its December now, you'd think they'd have a fix for it. 

PayPal payment not working in Finland. Country codes are correct in PayPal and Spotify.

You have to create new PayPal acc if u ever use Spotify before and downgrade it. u can’t use the same PayPal acc even if you create new Spotify acc you have to restart new email acc and PayPal acc If you want to use the 1 month free trial hope it’s help

Same issue as many with Paypal as the option. I'm able to select Paypal enter my zip code click continue sign into paypal select my card or bank then hit submit it goes back to the spotify page like nothing happens. I'm pretty sure it's not an error on Paypals side because the paypal page loads up. It's spotifys page that isn't accepting it on the return side of things. Also it's already February 2018 so issue has been since before September 2017. Even without free trial and adding debit/cc directly it wont take it so it's their Payment system that is erroring out or timing out.

Still having the same Paypal issue.  It's March 2018 now, and the bug is still there.  I have my own premium account, and now I want to get my daughter on her own account, but can't pay for it.  I'm even happy to skip the free month discount, but theres no option to.


Paying them with a credit card is not an option.  I can't trust them to fix a simple bug, I would be a fool to trust them with my credit card number.  Thats why paypal exists.


I really like the spotify UI, but if I can't pay with paypal, I too will jump ship and swtich to Youtube Red.  Then I'll also get the benefit of no youtube adverts. 🙂


This is all on you Spotify.  Your negligence is forcing our hand.

Still an issue, c'mon spotify, take my money

Same issue here once I closed down my old account and created a new one. Can't use paypal for premium.


What I did was add a CC (gift card should work as well),that gave me premium and then I went into my account and changed it back to use Paypal. No issues, got premium again and payment is coming through Paypal.

April 2018 and I'm having the same issue.


My second teen wants his own account so I'm trying to sign it up with paypal because he can reimburse me from his pocket money as at 14 he doesn't really have a job.


Still only getting the loop. For personal reasons, I'm unwilling to use my credit card for any purchases unless absolutely dead-necessary like for the RTA.

I don't understand why this isn't being fixed. I had no trouble setting up my first teen on paypal a couple of years ago. It shouldn't matter to Spotify how many different accounts are being paid for by one paypal account.

Hi, i haven't found a solution but rather a loophole?
While spotify unforchunately haven't fixed this issue, you can get the spotify family plan which allows up to 4 people to use their own accounts, but with spotify premium. This deal makes me think that spotify dont want you to individually pay for more than one spotify account through your own paypal because they would rather you use the family plan. Once i did this, my daugthers account worked perfectly and now she has premium.

I am having  exactly the same problem as most people here, I simply cannot pay with PayPal cause I already used PayPal before for an account that does not exist anymore. I sent Spotify an email about it, but they never replied.  For some reason they don't want customers to use PayPal....



Same here... And it's May 2018, still cannot upgrade with PayPal.

I think I will try Youtube Red. 🙂

Youtube Red LUL

Works a charm in Italy!

Doesn't work. What to do?! If this isn't resolved in a few weeks I'll give up and say goodbye to Spotify. Deezer sounds good.

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