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Can't get Spotify Premium with PayPal


Can't get Spotify Premium with PayPal

Today I saw there was a 30 da free trial thing so I went ahead to get it. When I typed in everything it looped me back to the page that lets me select my payment option. My zip code was entered the same as on Spotify. I've tried buying it several times. Everytime paypal says loading after I click "I accept and agree" then brings me to purchase page. Please help

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I'm in Italy and can't get it to accept PayPal.  My daughter has an account but is in the US so we can't share a family account.  How did you do it?


I was just kidding and talking about Youtube Red, which is not even available in Italy. 😄

Still could not get PayPal to work with Spotify... Chosen to use my CC instead, but this sucks big time.

As soon as I find a viable alternative, I will jump off Spotify. 🙂

I still cannot do it 😞 I use Google play music currently and it's at least
working and there are no annoying ads and you can play your music in the
order you like

Why does it like this? How to solve it?


Same here, June 2018. Tried to pay via App, different browsers, privat Window... Nothing works...

This isn't simple. It's really annoying, and requiring users to have PayPal rather than managing your own payments processing is a pretty lazy way to do business.

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