Can't log in, my account doesn't exist


Can't log in, my account doesn't exist

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Samsung A5 2016 / Pc

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Deleted my Facebook. Now Spotify won't work, can't log in on my Phone or my Laptop and recovery e-mails keep gettin' "send" but nothing arrives. Can't cancel my subscription or do anything else with my Account. 

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Hello ImpulOne! sorry to hear about your issue. Go to this link and chat with a representative & they should be able to help you with your problem.

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Hey there @ImpulsOne,

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As i can imagine you had a Spotify, FB linked premium account.

The fastest way is to reclaim your FB profile and disconnect it properly.


I suggest checking out this help page on how to use Spotify without FB.


Hope this helps 😃

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My Facebook account is gone, like he's not existing anymore. I can't log in fb because "this E-Mail isn't linked to a known fb account, please register here". 
Support couldn't help either, they just told me to reset my pw on my second account for whatever reason.