Can't log-in om my mobile

Can't log-in om my mobile


Problems logging in on my Android

1. I have a Spotify account on my pc
2. I have the correct username and log-in
3. I have downloaded the app on my Android
4. I have tried to reinstall the app
5. I don't want to log-in via Facebook
6. I have read a number of posts on the issue

I just keep getting the same message that says that my log-in and username doesn't match an existing account. What to do?

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Hi @Torkel_24, welcome to the Spotify Community!


Just to verify, did you create your account through Facebook? If so, you'll need to log in via FB or use the alphanumerical username and your password. You can find that username here.


If you're still having issues after that, let us know.


Take care 🙂

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