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Can't log in to Android app

Can't log in to Android app

Since yesterday, I have been unable to log in to the spotify app as it gives me an error saying that the username or password I'm using is incorrect which isn't true because I'm able to log in to the desktop app. After some reading on the community form, I found that there are some hacked apps which don't let you log in so I followed the instructions and re-downloaded spotify from the Play Store and it still won't let me log in. Please help.

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Hi @user-removed!


We'd recommend uninstalling the existing app on your device, then download the latest official version here.


Let us know if this helps. 


I have a similar issue with official Spotify app from the Play store, and the link provided doesn't work.

I know there's a hunt on modded apps, but this isn't the case here!

Having the same problem. Unable to login for 2 days now. Help please

Same here. It's been the past 2 days and still nothing after uninstalling and reinstalling. They need to fix it asap.

It does not help

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