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Can't log in with Facebook nor my e-mail address and password

Can't log in with Facebook nor my e-mail address and password

Hi, someone else logged in to Spotify on my IPad using her Facebook account. After logged out her account, I can not connect to Spotify using my own Facebook account. It keeps showing "Continue as ..." but I do not see a button that shows "Log in with an other Facebook account" or something like that. Even logging in with my own e-mail address and password does not work. The system reports that the e-mail and password are incorrect. I have deleted Spotify from my IPad and created a new password several times, but Spotify continues to indicate that it is not correct. And if I manage to sign in with the username we use for Spotify Premium for Family, I see the other person's picture and profile from her Facebook account at the top of my profile. Maybe it helps to say that the other person is part of this group? Please help me out here, I do not know what else to do!

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Hey @Ozzie10, welcome to the Community!


Try clearing the cache of the Facebook app on your phone. This should clear up any saved info from her Facebook account. After that, try logging into your own account to see if the issue persists.


Be sure to keep us posted.

Hi @SergioDavid, thanks for your reply. But I still can not login to my own account. I have removed the Facebook & Spotify app to be sure everything was deleted, but Spotify is doing the exact same things as written above. I have read somewhere on the community that it may take up to a week for Spotify to delete the data. I hope there is an other way to recover this? 

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