Can’t log in


Can’t log in


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Normaly when I open my Spotify app my account is automatically logged in. But not today.. I opened the app and it showed the log in screen, so I tried logging in with my username and password but it keeps saying that the username and/or password are not correct. And I don’t have acces to the e-mail adress connected to my account.. Is there another way to acces my account?


When I go to my storage on my IPhone it shows that Spotify is using 3GB of my storage which means that all of my songs are still saved..


Anyone got an idea how to fix this?

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Re: Can’t log in

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Hi @Bjarnemink,


Thanks for coming to the community with this! I've experienced the situation where I had to re-enter my login details before on my iOS Spotify app, it can be rather inconvenient. You may have had a look at this help page already but it is a simple guide on what to do in regard to problems logging in:

Is there any way you can try and access this email i.e. like a back-up email address in Gmail? 
If you feel that you've tried everything you can to log back in with no success, reply to this thread and myself or another Spotify community member can try and sort this out for you. 


Best wishes,