Can't log in

Can't log in

I have HUGE issues with my account. I've hade the same account for several years without trouble and now i can't log in. I've always used my username and password (not facebook) to log in. I understand that you nowdays log in with your email instead of the username? I've tried everything. I've tried to reset my password, and i pick a new one, and when i try to log in with my email and new passwork it's incorrect. I got a username in the e-mail where it's only numbers, when i log in with that username and the password it kind of works but i'm not logging in to my premium account, it logs into a new account that there's nothing on? PLEASE What's wrong? There's some serious issues here that started a couple of weeks ago and it's so frustrating.

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Hey @user-removed, welcome to the Community!


What devices are you having trouble logging in with? Do you have any trouble logging into your Account Overview?


Also, we suggest you close the extra account you made following these steps.


Let us know how it goes.

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