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Can't log into Spotify

Can't log into Spotify

Spotify kicked me out a couple days and I have yet to be able to log in. I pay every month and it's telling me my username or email or password does not work. I have opened up a new account with a different email and that works now but I do not want to be charged twice a month. Can someone please help me. I lost all my songs and I'm not sure why it kicked me out. I did not log in with Facebook to sign up but now it has me through Facebook. I don't remember my username or password either. I have a hint on what my username could be but not sure what email is attached to it
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Hi! Contact Spotify using this form, they can transfer your playlists to your new account or help you into your old one.


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I also had the same problem yesterday. Was kicked out an haven't be able to log in again. It also says, that my name/mail adress/password doesn't work. Perhaps it's an error on Spotify itself?

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