Can't log into my Spotify for Artists page.

Can't log into my Spotify for Artists page.






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I can't log into my Spotify for Artists page since 2 Days. It just says something went wrong. I can log into it from the mobile App without problems, but i want to submit my upcoming release to Playlists so i need the Browser version t owork aswell..

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Same for me, I can log into the Spotify for artist App but not on the web.

I prefer the web version it has more stats and I didn't see anything for "Upcoming"  releases on the app either.


Same in all browsers tried.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


Me too. I can log into the app without issues but not the browser version, and I have tried several different browsers. For me the issue started Thursday evening I think so It's ashame that nothing has been done yet to solve the issue. If the app was as useful as the browser version it wouldn't be as big an issue, but in my opinion the app is slimmed down to the point of uselessness other than for a quick overview, so I need the browser version.


Same here for a few days now. 
The app works fine, though, but I prefer the browser version over the app, as it has more functions and details.

I already did a reset, cleared my browsers, used different browsers and devices, but nothing worked.
So I guess we have to wait it out, till they fixed it.


Same here... 


Same here! I did send a message to artist support...


Same here... Pls Spotify do something...


Same problem for a few days now, must be their server


contact them all here till they solve it

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