Can’t log into my account


Can’t log into my account







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Was signed out of my account and now I can’t log back in. I have tried username and email both not working. No emails are being sent to reset my password or anything. Support has not contacted me back at all. I’m paying for premium and spotify services so why am i not receiving either? I need a response from spotify about this issue or i will reconsider being a customer.

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Hey @ashleyzerbst!


Help is here!

Sorry to hear you’re having some trouble logging into your account. I’d recommend checking out this Spotify Answer.

If you have a Facebook-created account, you should be able to reset your Spotify password without changing your Facebook one.

If your still having issues, we can try to reach out to Spotify support for more help with this. You can find some more info here on how to do this. 


Let me know what happens,

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I got logged out too. I did get a message in my e-mail suggesting I click a link and reset my password. When I looked at the link the URL was - I didn't trust it. I went to, requested a reset password from there. On the subsequent e-mail the URL was So I used it to reset my password and I'm back up and running again.