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Can't log onto Spotify "This service is not available. Please try again later."

Can't log onto Spotify "This service is not available. Please try again later."

A few days ago I couldn't play any songs from Spotify because it said I was offline. I decided to reinstall and now I can't even log in and the message I get is "This service is not available. Please try again later.".


I've checked my firewall and Spotify is allowed. I have not changed anything on my computer during the last few days, maybe there has been a Windows Update, not sure though. 


I am currently running Windows 10. 


And why the **bleep** doesn't Spotify have a standard fcuking customer service? Worst bullshti I've ever experienced.  

3 Replies

Hello @habba20


Lets try figure this out with you:


How are you trying to log in? Are you logging in with an email/username or are you using facebook to log in?

Hello jean3601,


I've tried both ways and none of them works. When I use the "Log in with Facebook" function a new tab just opens up in Chrome and then closes, then nothing else happens. 



I have just looked into this and it seems their may currently be a bug, i will keep you posted as i receive more information, i apologize for any inconvenience

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