Can't login after changing facebook password. Please help!

Can't login after changing facebook password. Please help!

I'm definitely a paid user.

I changed my facebook password first.


Can't login to spotify anymore on desktop or phone. 

It doesn't send me a password reset email when I click that link.

I've tried inputting my facebook email and password combination.

It doesn't even recognize I have a paid account anymore?

What gives?


Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi chrismarx85, welcome to the Community!


It looks like you may have two accounts with us.


The Spotify account linked to your Community profile has no record of a Premium subscription.


Not to worry, we can get this sorted. Just get in contact here and the team will help out via email.


If you get an auto-response just reply straight back to it, or let me know the Case # you get.


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