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Can't login in work computer

Can't login in work computer

I can't login to my account on my PC app. I've found solution where you have to change network settings, but as I am in my work computer that would need admin access, plus will disable my ethernet. Is there any other way? I'm getting error code 4 as to no internet, but everything else works just fine.



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Hi @user-removed and welcome to the Community! 🙂

Unfortunately, this would be up the employer whether or not they want to restrict streaming/ entertainment sites on work equipment. I know some choose to block certain sites as it can consume their bandwidth and potentially lower performance of their network. The last company I worked for restricted it for that reason since all our daily operating functions were web browser-based. You could always check with your IT or HR department to see what your company policy is on it or whether or not they would be ok with it.
I definitely understand how important music is while working! It's crucial to my own productivity so maybe they would even buy that reason if you asked. 🙂


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