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Can't login to Spotify on Playstation 4


Can't login to Spotify on Playstation 4

I can't login to Spotify on my Playstation 4 anymore. It worked once without problem, and after logging in, Spotify asked me to link it to my PSN account, which I did. Now when i've tried to login on subsequent tries, the application once more asks me to link my accounts. When I confirm, it says that the Spotify account in question has already been linked to a PSN account and takes me back to the login screen. I know that the PSN account i'm using is the one which is linked to my spotify account, as I have never used another PS4 console nor another PSN account in my life, and nobody else knows my spotify password. I've already contacted playstation support on this issue. They couldn't fix it, and directed me to talk with Spotify about it.


Things i've tried:

- Log out everywhere button, makes no difference

- Log out of PSN, restart PS4, no help

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If you get the message to link your ps4 account then you are not logged in with the correct user (main) on the ps4 system.


Lets say you have 1 ps4 account and there are 5 users on this system.

Login  with every user and start spotify and log out first.

One of the users is loged in but it's not the main account.


If you are already logged out with all users on this ps4 system.

The you must find the corect username to login without linking.

When one of the users succesfully logs in, then this will be the main user that have activated spotify on your ps4 system when you installed spotify the first time.


User A is the main account for spotify.

He can start spotify and listen to music.

Once logged in, spotify user A can switch usernames on the ps4 system.

You can switch between users so they can also use spotify only if your main user/account is logged in.

Make sure to logout in spotify for all sub users that use spotify that is not your main account.


The sub users can't start spotify and listen to music.

You will get the message to link spotify.

This is NOT your main user for Spotify and ps4!




Soo, i logged into my spotify account on a friends ps3 who im no longer in contact with anymore. I have no way of logging into said psn to unlink my account. Is there any way i cant just reset and start fresh? I just bought a ps4 and would love music on it since i do pay for spotify 😅. Thanks in advance

What does that mean? Idk what you're even sayin dawg

Al tratar de vincular spotify a mi cuenta de playstation me dice que mi cuenta ya esta vinculada, y no puedo hacer correr la aplicacion, ya hable con servicio al cliente de sony pero me dicen que hable con ustedes para solucionar el problema. Ojala me puedan ayudar. Saludos

I'm having the same sort of issue. I had an old PSN account linked to my spotify, so I deactived my old account. It still won't allow me to link my spotfiy with my ps4. I've tried just about everything. It even says on the spofity website that nothing is linked to my spotify account, but it still won't let me link my new account. I've talked to people from psn and they've done all they can and don't know what to do so they told me to contact spotify but they won't anwser me. If anyone knows a solition please help me!!!


I login into to then it tells me to link my acount but in the back ground I see all my Playlist and stuff so I go to press link about and it tell to link to the other thing so I back out go to the spot and try to login in and it does let me. I need help plz I just want to listen to music and play Madden

I am trying to log into my spotify on my ps4 but I get the spotify account link already. But I have no other accounts on my ps4. I've restarted, logged out. Deleted the app and nothing is working. It will let me play music from my phone and it come from the tv but it won't let me control it. HELP!!!!!!

I have tried manually closing the apps, including Spotify. I have even tried to link my account manually though account services after I uninstalled it but it still won't work...

I tried everything you did and it's still not working I logged out of my phone then I did everything all over again and it's not working still I googled it nothing helped I did everything it said and it's really pissing me off

I'm having the same problem as well. I can't get out of the screen that pops up right after I choose the ps4 as a device and then the music switches over. So the problem is that when I do connect the ps4 with my Spotify account a screen pops up saying welcome "my username" and then gives me the option to "link accounts" which when I do click on it says your spotify account has already been linked, or the option it gives me is to cancel. I can see the spotify interface in the background of the screen that pops up I just can't use it for some reason. Thanks for your time and help.
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I had the same issue with my Spotify account. I tried everything (uninstalling/reinstalling, linking from my laptop, signing in on the PS4, etc.) I contacted Sony Support with no help. Finally, I contacted Spotify Support and was able to get some help from Juanito.

I created my Spotify account through my Facebook- which Juanito said has been shown to be an issue when linking with the PlayStation Network. He recommended that I create a new Spotify account through an email. Normally, I'd be frustrated at this, but he was able to move all my playlists, saved music, and followers from my old account to the new one. He also added in a free month of premium for the inconvenience. 

Sure enough- I went onto the Spotify app from my PS4 and logged on using my credentials (not through the Spotify Connect option), and all is now connected and working fine. I went back to my account and linked my Facebook to it again- so everything is pretty much the same now- and it continues to work on my PS4. 

A little bit of a complicated solution, but this was the only thing that worked for me. Hope this helps!

Message keeps popping up saying theres an error connecting to PSN... can someone help

I've still this problem. The easiest way to avoid this issue so many have. Is putting a log out button in the app. So we can physically command the app to send us to a login page. 


This is my problem though. And suddenly I couldbt allow my other devices to tap into my spotify control so that's why I'm here. 


Someone help please. 

IMG_2812.jpgI have same problem. I've tried to logout my all PSN accounts but still i see this error!


How can i unlink between my spotify account and any psn/sony account????


Thank you.

My problem was fixed(ish)! 

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I FINALLY figured it out. If you have had a PS3 or another PS4/PS4 account that you’ve linked your Spotify to you have to go on that account directly and log yourself out of Spotify via the App. I had logged into Spotify on my PS3 over 2 years ago and only after logging out on it was unable to link my Spotify to my PS4

I had the same problem and the solution was logout on my old ps3 in the spotify app.

on the ps3.

turn off ps3 and start up ps4 fo to spotify and log in!! Problem solved.

I'm having the same issue. Can anyone help us on this issue? I've had a PS4 since August and couldn't figure it out then. I'm still having this issue 6 months later.

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