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Can't login to Spotify on iPhone


Can't login to Spotify on iPhone



we got this messáge when we try to use Spotify.


Premium Required

Spotify Premium is required for ondemand mobile streaming. It.´s free to on desktop.


We have bougt 2 cards with 100kr each to use on 2 Iphones.


We baugt this cards because we don´t want to pay a rent every month.


What is the problem, can you please help us.



Jenny Allert Ström




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Re: Can't login to Spotify on iPhone

Spotify Legend

Hi Jenny,


Welcome to the Community.


I can confirm that you have redeemed those giftcards on your account, however, it appears you have redeemed these as Unlimited rather than Premium. Not to worry! If you would like to convert your remaining Unlimited time into Premium, find out more here.


Any questions, fire away!


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