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Can't login to my account. Suddenly it created a new one?!

Can't login to my account. Suddenly it created a new one?!



So I tried to login to my spotify account today, but I couldn't. I got error code 404, but I typed everything correct – my account is made through facebook. Then it started saying that my username or password was incorrect, which is not true.

I seriously just got Premium the other day, which means I am paying for that account. I've been trying to login for two hours or so, via iPhone, Mac, webplay, the app ANYTHING!!!... I tried all the advise I could find in this forum – but nothing worked.


Suddenly it logged in via my iPhone, but oopsie, it has created a new account via facebook for me – how can it do that, when my old account was connected through facebook?!? 


I seriously need to get back on to my old account, and not this new one. I don't want to pay for a premium membership I cannot use.


I contacted support an hour ago, but that was before it created me this new account, and now I don't know what to do.


Please help me. I'm very afraid that I have to keep paying for a membership I can't acces 😞 HELP ME.


Kind regards,



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Please helt me merge the two accounts, so I can get access to my old one, where I have the premium membership.


Tried to login on other computers, iPhones, iPad, they all login to the new account, that I didn't mean to create.


Hi Claudia,


Sorry to see that you are having this problem.  It looks like your Facebook profile may have split from your original account.  Please contact the support team via this link.  If you could include your reciept or order number for Premium, it will help them locate your main account.



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