Can't login with Spotify Free on Onkyo

Can't login with Spotify Free on Onkyo




I was glad to see that Spotify Free is now available on mobile devices in Germany, but my Onkyo Receiver won't accept the username and password (ok, the receiver is not mobile, but shouldn't it be the same?). On my mobile it's working, but I want to use it on my AVR...





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The new free Spotify service is currently only available on iOS and Android mobile devices (and computer/web player as before). You'll need a Premium subscription to use Spotify on all other devices, e.g. hardware devices like Onkyo.


You can grab a 30-day free Premium trial here. If you go for the trial, don't forget to make the most of other Premium features like totally on-demand streaming (on all devices), offline playlists, and high quality streaming.


For common support questions, see
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Thats a real shame I was just about to start using spotify too, dont think i'll get much out of it now 😞

Wow, really? Terrible.

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