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Can't login with my email but with my username

Can't login with my email but with my username

It's not a serious problem because I can login with my username and password but it's just a little bit weird that I can't login with my email and my password.

Did somebody experience this issue?

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Hey @DerMoriz!


Thanks for reaching out to the community.


Is this happening with a specific device or any device you use Spotify with? Also, do you get any error messages when you enter the email address and password?


Keep me posted.

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It's on every device I use (Windows PC, iPhone, Android Tablet) like this. And I get the Error Code 3 and it says my password or email isn't right, but it is the right email. I can see the email on the spotify website as my account email.

Hey @DerMoriz,


We appreciate you letting us know. 


We'd recommend continuing to sign up with your username and password instead of trying your email address in the username field.



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