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Can't look for specific Facebook friends to follow

Can't look for specific Facebook friends to follow

What kind of nonsense BS is this recent Facebook/social update? I can't look for specific Facebook friends to follow now? I can't even follow my own god d*mn girlfriend because your ridiculous, idiotic coding apparently loads random Facbook friends that I have to "refresh." Moreover, it only apparently loads what -- 30? 40 people total? After that, it just repeats THE SAME PEOPLE I DIDN'T WANT TO FOLLOW IN THE FIRST PLACE! Unbelievable. Spotify is one of the few services I use that gets WORSE over time. If you could make your service better rather than worse over time, that would be great. Thanks.

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You should be able to track down any of your Facebook friends easily by typing their name into the main search box (in the desktop client) and they should be offered as a suggestion (before you hit enter) under the heading "User". 



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