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Can't pay with paypal

Can't pay with paypal

Whenever I want to get a premium account and choose to pay with PayPal, I log in with my PayPal account and comfirm the payment, I get back to the "Choose a payment method" page. I don't have money on my PayPal but it normally gets automaticly transverred fron my bank account. I don't have a creditcard either.

Can this problem get solved?
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Have you tried adding your PayPal account to your Spotify subscription page? Let me know if this works.



No it didn't work

When I click on "try premium free" (by subscriptions) It sends me to the same "choose your payment method" (what I mentioned before) and repeats the same cirkle over and over agian.

I might have to do something with the fact that this is my second account usesing the same paypal?

Yeah, it probably is.

I'd recommend getting in touch with Spotify support so they can see what happened. You can contact Spotify in a couple different ways:

  • Contact Form ( - If you receive an email from Spotify directing you back here, reply to it, even if the address says no-reply.
  • Twitter (



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