Can't play certain artists

Can't play certain artists

I'm currently unable to play and songs by The Fall or Mogwai on my iPhone and laptop. I've tried everything I can think of, including fully uninstalling and reinstalling on both devices, but nothing is working.


I've seen various posts from people saying they have this issue, some who have fixed it and some who haven't. I contacted Spotify about this before, but their solution is just to delete my account and set up a new one, which isn't really satisfactory. There must be something else.








iPhone and MacBook Pro

Operating System

iOS 11, MacOS High Sierra

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Hi @andyyy


Sorry for the trouble you're having.

Can you please try to log into your account from another device and see if you are able to access and listen to the artists you have mentioned. If you are able to access the artist on other device than those you have mentioned, we will forward your issue to our higher support team and assist you further.



Hi. I'm able to play them through my Sonos speaker, if I go through the
Sonos app rather than the Spotify app.

Still having this issue. Did it get escalated? Thanks.

sorry for your trouble do have a flash player on your MacBook you might need to see if you are up to date. 

Hey @andyyy.


The issue hasn't been escalated since @Lordthedn is just a regular user.


We understand you have already been in touch with support. If they told you that the only way to solve this issue is by creating a new account. Then we're afraid that you'll need a new account. Don't worry though, it's actually a lot easier than you might think, and you won't lose any of your music 🙂


Let us know if you have further questions. Have a nice day!


Yeah, I already set up a new account and went back to the new one. While I don't lose any playlists, I do lose all of my listening data and accounts that I was following. It just doesn't seem like a satisfactory solution - I end up losing more than I gain. I've seen some people who have overcome this issue, so I think I'll just hang on.

Hey @andyyy.


Thanks for getting back to us.


You can visit your old account with your new account, check what you are following there, and hit the follow button on every user/artist so your new account also follows these. You can look up an account by searching the following:




Don't forget to replace 'username' with your old username of course. Rebuilding your listening-profile doesn't take long and will gradually improve.


Let us know if it's not working or if there is anything else that we can do for you.


Have a nice day.


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