Can’t reset password


Can’t reset password

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I’ve created this mock account to finally get some help, it really should be easier than this. Crazy that I have to create ANOTHER account, create another email for it, just so can get into my normal account. These will uselessly clutter your database with inactive accounts. Rather strange from such a big company. Getting help should be easier.


Anyway. My account *snip* seems to have been possibly hacked. One day out of the blue i was signed out on all my devices and could not get back in. I listen to spotify very regularly so i knew something was off when it suddenly happened. I have tried to reset my password but I am not getting an email. 


But here’s something that may be of importance. Because i don’t use that email account as my main account, it was apparently made “inactive” with the email provider. After logging in to check for the reset password email, i’ve made it “active”, no doubts there, just in case you want to ask. They state that some sites may have problems sending you emails because if the service provider (such as you guys) sees the email address as “inactive” they may automatically block it. Is that the case? I don’t know, but it might help in solving this.


Please help me with this. I’d like to get back into my account. Starting to worry. 

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Re: Can’t reset password

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Hey @user-removed.



Welcome to the Community. That's not cool, let's see how we can help out.


If you have reason to believe someone's gained access to your account, we recommend you check out this article and follow the steps.


One of the last steps will get you in touch with the right teams. They'll be able to help!


Let us know how you get on. If you have any other questions, we're here for you.


Take care.