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Can't send music to friends on handheld device

Can't send music to friends on handheld device

I'm having an issue with the fact that I cannot send music to the people I am following from the Spotify app on my iPhone. I am a Premium Spotify user, not connected to Facebook or any other social networking site. Now, I can send songs and playlists to my friends via the desktop version of Spotify, but when I go to send a song to someone on my phone, I search their name and no one comes up. Is this just how Spotify configured it, that maybe only people connected to Facebook can send music from their mobile device or is there something wrong here? 


9 Replies

Hey @SyerraEve

Sorry to read you're having troubles with sharing your music.

Have you checked out this handy link here:!/article/sharing-music

Hope that guides you?

I know the steps in sending a track, playlist, artist, etc. but the problem is on my iPhone none of my followers appear in the list when I press Send To: 

I search their name and nothing comes up. Works fine on the desktop version though. Thanks for the help though.

I'm having the exact same issue, and it's still not functioning.

I'm having the same problem. Same also after updating to last Android app version. (Nexus 4 + Lollipop 5.1)

I and my friend (both using android and non-facebook spotify accounts) started to follow each other (only by sending a playlist link out of spotify via email) but still the send link (under the send to under share menu) isnt activated when we write each other's names in the to: line


I'm having the same issue on ios. Spotify are you there? Please be useful.

Same **bleep**ing thing with last update. It takes them years for a simple list of names. Paid service my **bleep**!

I still have this issue on updated iOS and android, it's becoming super annoying. I send a song to a friend in Spotify, he simply does not receive it. I send the song through WhatsApp, my friend gets redirected to the browser and needs to login which is super annoying on mobile. It should open the app of course.
Why can't Spotify make it easy to simply send a friend a track!?!?

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