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Can't update payment details.

Can't update payment details.

OK, I'm literally trying to give you money Spotify, but for the last 24+ hours your website is broken. My credit card on file was defrauded, so obviously I canceled it. I need to update my payment information but when I click the "UPDATE DETAILS" button/link your website returns a message saying "Oh no! Something has gone wrong" (502 bad gateway comes up sometimes as well. Please fix this.

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Hey @steinamo


Thanks for posting in the Spotify Community!


Are you still having trouble with upgrading your account to Premium? If so, I'd recommend that you reach out to our contact form. The Accounts team will be able to look into this issue further for you. Just to note, you may receive an automated reply. If you do, just reply back to it and the right team will get your email.


Alternatively, you can reach to our team on Twitter, @SpotifyCares. They'll also be able to look into this issue further for you!


I hope that directs you further. Let me know if there's anything else we can help with.

Hi, Jason. Thanks for taking zero time to read my message and actually find out what my problem was. The Spotify website is broken. This isn't about upgrading. I used the form, since this forum is apparently worthless.

Hey @steinamo

At a quick glance backstage, this does look like something the Accounts team would need to look into.

Don't worry, if you reach them and let me know the 8 digit case #, I'll make sure the right team get your email and get to the bottom of this 🙂

I don't understand why me trying to give Spotify money has to be so **bleep**ing hard.

I've gotten this message on every browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE, and mobile) when I try to update my payment details.


THEN, customer service tells me I can "Always update my payment details" by following their broken link. Then I get an email from Spotify telling me my card isn't working and I should update my payment details. Their website has been broken since AT LEAST Monday, and every response I get isn't taking that FACT into account. What. The. **bleep**?

Bump because this problem persists and is affecting tons of users.

Same thing and spotify contact is no help asking me to make sure my old credit card is valid even though it isn't and I want to change it (which is the original problem). I told them I just need to change it online and the website won't let me (sent them pictures) their answer was "Make sure the new credit card is valid".... Useless.

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