Can't upgrade account!


Can't upgrade account!


Hi, I'm using a VISA Electron Card with all my internet purchases. It works everywhere except on this page. A few months ago I was able to upgrade my account with my regular card, then I changed card for a few months and when I changed back I got this message:


Payment failed. Please make sure that you have sufficient funds and that your credit card has not expired, if you're using one. To see your current payment details please go to your subscriptions page. If you still get this message after updating your payment details please log out, log in and then try again.


I did when the message said, but it still doesn't work... Please help me! 


Regards / Monstermash

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regarding visa card Electron




today again i have tried to put my new visa details intomy account. So i could get Premium account.


But no matter how much i try it deny me it, because it tells me i dont have money on it(I have enough money at the account)


i tried then to change browser and log out and in few times but no succes.


Anyone have idea what i can do then?

Re: Can't upgrade account!

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Visa Electron cards tend not to allow re-occurring payments - the sort of system that Spotify works on.

However, you might be able to bypass this by using a verified PayPal account - You can set these up to take money directly out of your bank account.
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