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Can't upgrade from unlimited to Premium

Can't upgrade from unlimited to Premium



I am new to spotify and after the 48 hour free trial, I decided to get myself a £10 Spotify E-Card.


However, when entering the card pin, I chose 2 months of spotify unlimited, instead of 1 month of Spotify Premium. I want to use my IPAD for Spotify, not my PC.


I hunted around the Spotify site and found that it is possible to upgrade (I still have 60 days of unlimited that could be converted to 30 days of Premium)


I added my card details, clicked the 'upgade my account', but all I keep getting is a message saying 'oooppss somethign went wrong, please try again or check help'.


I am getting frustrated now, so hoping that some of you Spotify experts can help or point me in the rigt direction?


Thanks in advance.

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I do not own a PayPal account. 😞

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