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Can't upgrade my accout

Can't upgrade my accout

I am trying to upgrade my account but whenever I put in my credit card information (tried multiple cards several times each and all cards have funds) and I continue to get an extremely frustrating "oops something went wrong message" . And yes the country and zip code on my account matches my credit card info. I am just trying to pay for an account, why is this so hard? This is my last attempt to get a response from anyone.
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I've been having the exact same problem for the past two days. it is very frustrating because my cards have funds too and i've tried inputting multiple debit cards as well. I still have no idea what to do.. i dont understand why spotify doesnt want our money? 

mine always says my cards from a country they dont offer spotify. but i live in the united states. is that what is happening to you guys? super frustrated

Same exact thing happened to me. Its been working fine for months and all of sudden trying to put my updated card (due to expiration date) and getting the same message....tried multiple cards, no luck.  Maybe its the credit card serve on Spotify's end?  I called Visa, and everything looks good on their end.....


Well I am glad to hear it isn't just me, but now I am disappointed at the lack of response by any Spotify representative in their own support forum. I hope you all get it resolved, and if you do please post the solution. Until then Pandora and Sirius XM have no problem taking my money 🙃

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