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Can't use Spotify abroad for more than 14 days

Can't use Spotify abroad for more than 14 days


I came to FYROM few weeks ago and wanted to install Spotify, but apparently the app isn't available here so I downloaded it from a link that was written on the help page. I travel a lot and went to Greece earlier this summer but I forgot the username of the account I used there so I made a new one I use now (my account isn't premium). Today I got a notification that I can't listen music on Spotify for more than 14 days. Is there any way so I could listen music again? I'm staying here for more than 14 days and I really want to listen to music on Spotify. Also please make the app available here because all of my acquaintances want to be able to use the app too 🙂

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Hello @xdyinwishx,


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Free subscribers can use Spotify in a different country only for up to 14 days, due to licensing reasons. Since the Republic of Macedonia is not listed in the supported countries you cannot switch to that country.


One option is to start a Premium Subscription using your country of residence. Premium subscribers can use Spotify anywhere in the world for as long as they like.


Hope it helps.



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