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Can't use certain services under premium for family

Can't use certain services under premium for family

So I just got premium for family this morning. Works great for me, already had a profile set up and can do everything that comes with the service. I sent an invitation to my girlfriend who had to start a new profile to redeem the token and be added to my plan. After doing so it seems she can't do anything with the music she likes. She shows as active and can play whatever song she likes with no ads, but she can't follow artists, she can't add music,  and she can't create playlists. Every time she tries she gets a message saying something like "you just tried using a premium service, sign up for premium." Is this how the family plan works, and if not anyone know how to fix it? If yes, then that kind of ruins the purpose for me. I got the family plan because I got tired of having to scroll through tons of the artists she follows on my profile to find something I like. Thanks in advanced 😃 

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Hey @Matt7734!


Thanks for coming to the Community for help.


That doesn't sound right. Could she try logging out, then reinstalling the app with these steps:


If she's still having the same issue, send us a screenshot of what she's seeing when she tries to add music.


We'll see what else we can suggest.



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