Can't use spotify on my PC


Can't use spotify on my PC


For like 2 weeks now I am not able to use the spotify app on my pc. The app starts normally and after I log in it closes and goes into my taskbar. When I try to click it to open it again it also disappears from there. Tried reinstalling a lot of times and didn't work. Launched it in all the compatibility modes I could and also as administrator. I can still use both the web player and the android app.I also updated my Nvidia Graphics Drivers and it still doesn't work. My Spotify version is and I am running Windows 10. I downloaded the installer from the site not from the windows store,where it says it isn't available.Please help I really want my app back

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Re: Can't use spotify on my PC

Casual Listener

make sure the link you're using is this also try updating the computer software, the firmware, graphics card, sound card, etc. Try using windows update or the device manager to update your software.