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Hi all,


Ive managed to get myself in a right mess.

I signed up to Spotify using an email address I no longer have access to, and have now forgotten my Spotify password. 

I cant change my password, because I need access to my old email address, and I cant change my email address, because ive forgotten my password 😞


I contacted Spotify twice using the contact form last month, advising them I wished to cancel and for them to send any correspondance to a different email address. But I have recieved no response, and my account is still active and saying another payment will be taken next week.


I asked for the account to be cancelled before last months payment, but nothing happened. If it gets taken again this month I will have paid for 2 months I dont want.


Im paying via Paypal so I may reverse the payment this time around. That will probably get a response from Spotify.


Any advice?



Tom (Tomaz88)

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Hi @tom132. Sorry to hear that you haven't gotten a response from the contact form. When you reached out to support did you receive an automated response back directing you here, to the community? If so, perfect. Reply back to that email directly and you should get pushed into the support queue where someone will respond to you. If you continue to get no response after about 48 hours, please let me know!



As far as reversing the payment, that would work, but it will result in a block being put on that account for non-payment. Since you don't use that account it should be a non-issue, but it would be better to formerly cancel the subscription.


Please keep me in the loop! There are a few more things we can try to try and get this resolved the clean way before your next payment. Cheers!

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