Cancel a subscription on an account that doesn't exist


Cancel a subscription on an account that doesn't exist

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I had a Premium account synced with Facebook for a year, but I ended up deleting the e-mail linked to the Facebook account and then months later Facebook banned my account

I switched my phone and my computer after my account became inaccessible and now it is impossible to log in via e-mail or Facebook (because neither of those exist anymore) and I am not logged in in any device, therefore I cannot see my username

How do I cancel my subscription if I cannot access my account in any way? I don't want to keep paying for a Premium acccount I can't use



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Hello there, my friend!

Thank you for raising your concern out here in the Community!



In regards to your issue, do you happen to know your username? If yes, you can try logging in using your username.


If you have onced logged in using your android device, you can locate your username by checking your internal storage. Go to Android -> data -> -> files -> spotifycache -> Users


The folder name after that is usually your username.


In case you don't have it, it's best to reach out directly to Spotify Support. They can be reached through their Twitter @SpotifyCares ( ) or through the online SpotifySupport ( ).




* Note that if you are going submit a contact form (instead of sending a DM on Twitter), make sure to check your inbox and junk folder for an email from Spotify.