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Cancel my subscription!!

Cancel my subscription!!


I want to cancel my spotify subscription. When I enter my password as verification, it tells me it is not the correct password. It is the same as I use to log into FACE BOOK and it is also the same I use to log into SPOTIFY. I want my subscription cancelled before 03-11-2012. THANK YOU!!!

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OMG I JUST TRYED THAT THE SAME **bleep** HAPPENS TO ME like i was trying to cancel the free premium and it said INCORRECT LOGIN LIKE THIS IS MAKING ME SO **bleep** ANGRY BRO


I sent an email to, they said "we aim to get back to you in three days" What a bunch of **bleep**. I have contacted my bank and asked them to stop the hit on my account. I'm concerned that this could escalate to a much bigger problem for me and a lot of others that are having the same issues. Is SPOTIFY a legitamate company or is this a big SCAM?

They know this is an issue and choose to do nothing.


To cancel it simply remove your payment information.  You will automatically go to Free status on your next billing date.


I can't remove my payment information. I tried that too!!

Hey everyone,

Could you try logging out of Facebook and trying again?

Alternatively, could you try going through a different internet browser. So, instead of Internet Explorer, try Google Chrome or Firefox.

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