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Canceled subscription, still paying

Canceled subscription, still paying

I canceled my subscription the other day, and it says at my account that it canceled, and that i have premium untill 2015-01-09, but still they debited my credit card for the next month.. How the hell do i contact Spotify to reclaim my money?!

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Hey @Candiide 


Thanks for posting on our amazing Community and welcome on board 🙂


To reach out to our teams regarding account/payment troubles, your one-stop-shop for looking at things is our contact form. If you reach out here, you'll be provided an automated email (reply back to it) with a case number. Let us know this case number and I'll be sure to give the teams a nudge for you, making sure the right guys get the email!


I hope that directs you, if not shout back my way and I'll coming running 🙂



Once again, i have been feed for a new month of spotify premium, when i clearly have canceled my subscription.. the month before that i recieved my money back and got a confirmation of my unsubsciption. Why is this?!

Hello @Candiide!


Sorry to hear about that. We'll help with this. I'll make sure someone reaches out to you shortly! 





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Hey @Candiide 


We reached out to you on the 5th February but have yet to receive a response from you via email.


Let me know if you did not receive an email from us.

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