Canceling subscription


Canceling subscription

I got the 3 months Spotify premium, but don't want to get charged 12$ when it expires, if I cancel subscriptionwill premium be canceled then, or will it still expire when it should? Thanks.
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Hey there @Kamex and welcome to the Community!


Your billing is pre-paid meaning that the date shown on is the day you will be billed again for the following month. To avoid this, all you need to do is cancel your subscription and revert to free before that day. 


On a side note, $12 is the rate for iTunes subscriptions. You can sign up through Spotify directly to pay $9.99 a month and you may qualify for a special discount such as Spotify Student if you are enrolled at an eligiible institution of higher learning. Check your eligibility at


Cheers and Happy Spotifying!!

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