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Cancelled my Spotify Trial before expiration date, but still charged.

Cancelled my Spotify Trial before expiration date, but still charged.

Hi, I cancelled my subscription on the 18th (Today). However, I just noticed that I was already billed for next month. My "Receipt" says that I was billed on June 19th. However, it is Still June 18th. 


Any chance this will be nulled and void?


Edit: Attached image of account "receipts" page.

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Hey there, get in touch here and one of our support team will be able to help out with this.


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I completely forgot Spotify was a UK-based service. Am I wrong to say that instead of using the User's locale as a basis for rebilling, the system is only implemented to use the host's (Spotify Corporate) time zone? If so, that's some seriously rediculious coding. Whoever thought that was a good idea needs a swift kick in their nether-regions. Then the person that actually went through and implemented this without asking questions should really re-evaulate their life decisions. As a programmer, I would have refused to implement it this way. 


This is all based off of an assumption, but it's the only way I know that it could have happened from a technical standpoint. Unless you just actually bill a day  or two ahead, then that would be a crap move all-round.


I'll accept your answer as soon as this situation is resolved. If it is resolved. For some reason I feel as if I've been scammed out of 10 dollars.

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