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Cancelled subscription, but still got charged.

Cancelled subscription, but still got charged.

Recently, I apparently signed up for the premium account instead of the free trial. I contacted Spotify and told them of the mistake immediately and asked them not to charge my card. I even cancelled it right after I saw at the end of the sign up that they were going to charge me. They charged my card anyway even though I told them it was an accident and I can't afford to get the subscription. I got an automated email stating that they were looking into it and would get back to me ASAP.


Has anyone else had this problem? Is Spotify good for doing the right thing...or are they just so desperate for $9.99 that they don't care about their customers?

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I've been subscribed for a long time now, but i cancelled it last month cause i can no longer afford to have this kind of luxury, but today i couldn't afford this thing i wanted to buy cause they charged me.. EVEN THOUGH I CANCELLED IT, like wth man!

Charged me also for the free trial an I still don't have the premium service an I don't want it

Ditto for me. It says I'm still have Spotify Free, but this is the second month they've charged me $9.99. Last month I contested it through my bank and figured that would be it. The scary thing is I NEVER GAVE THEM MY CC INFO!!

Cancelled my Premium Subscription four months ago but Spotify still debiting my credit card. No way of contacting them to get resolution. This is actionable. Anyone considered class action suit against this illegal behaviour?


Cancelled two months ago, and still getting charged. I would consider class action. But how do we prove it?

Same thing happened to me. I definitely canceled 2 months ago in January after the $1 promo and I got charged $10 this month

I cancelled my subscription but I am still being charged.

I sent that email over a year ago I pay for my spotify every month for 2
years. Thank you

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