Cannot change country/credit card settings after move to UK


Cannot change country/credit card settings after move to UK


Hi there,


I have been trying all morning to adjust my account settings with no luck. I have recently moved from Australia to UK and I am trying to update my payment details to my UK credit card. My previous payment was unsuccessful (as my Australian card has been cancelled), yet when I try to update country/credit card details it simply isn't changing.


When I add my UK card in the Subscriptions menu, I am reminded that I need to change country, which I do. After this, it brings me back to the payment options screen. I then put my card details in again and it once again says I need to change country. This has been going in a loop for hours and I cannot progress/save my changes and I am very frustrated. I will lose my Premium account in a few days and am trying my best to add these details but on app, website and PC website I cannot do this. It seems the website isn't working correctly as every time I click to change settings it simply brings me back to the previous screen without the changes sticking.


Please help me!



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Re: Cannot change country/credit card settings after move to UK

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In this case, it's better to delete your payment info and cancel your subscription altogether. You will still be premium until the remaining days of your subscription are used up.


What I'm suggesting you to do is this:


1. Go to your Subscription and payment overview -->

2. Click UPDATE DETAILS. If it shows below 'Would you like to cancel your subscription?' click there and cancel.

3. Check the box to 'Remove', and click 'Change' button,

Note: If you have your Premium active you won't be able to remove your payment info. That's why it's important to cancel before clicking UPDATE DETAILS.
After you've cancelled and removed your payment info, change your country in profile (if you need to), and resubscribe to Premium with the new card info to ensure that your offline music won't be deleted and that your subscription will renew correctly when it's time.
Your payment card country must match your country in profile, an the country of your IP address.


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