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Cannot log in at all.

Cannot log in at all.



I've been trying to log in via FB with Firefox and then with Chrome but I keep getting the same message : 


Update Required

Facebook login for your Spotify client is no longer supported. Please upgrade to a newer version of Spotify. Download the latest version of Spotify at


I followed your instruction to disinstall and reinstall Spotify and it still doesn't work. 

When I try to log in using my username and password, I have a weird moment where it seems I'm logged in, but just when it would start dowloading the data (playlists and stuff), it logs out abruptyle with the red ERROR 3  message concerning the wrong log in information. The biggest issue there is my email address linked to the account (and to my facebook account) doesn't exist anymore so I cannot reset my password... What should I do ?


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Hey @krokodebil!


Thanks for reaching out to the community.


If your account was created via Facebook, you'll need to log in with the blue "Log in with Facebook" button. Right now, typing your Facebook profile's email address and password on the Spotify app won't work at all.


If you aren't logged in your Facebook account on the device you're trying to use, when you click the "Log in with Facebook" button, a pop-up will ask you to log into Facebook. Otherwise, you'll be redirected to the Spotify account immediately.


Let me know how it goes.

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