Cannot play songs through Ps4 connect

Cannot play songs through Ps4 connect

I purchased spotify premium 2 days ago, before that, playing music on the ps4 by selecting it on the IPhone application worked fine. But now, when I select the button to connect to the ps4, it connects, but pauses the music. When I hit play, it skips to the next song without playing it. When I skip ahead a song, then play, the same thing occurs. Playback on my IPhone works fine, and all my premium features are in working order.
I believe playback on my ps4 works when I go through the application on the system, but it's a huge inconvenience o not be able to play music through my phone onto my console.
It is possible this error isn't caused solely by my purchase of premium, however it seems to be the main reason.
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:Can't edit my post to include this:
Playback on the Ps4 application also does not work, the same thing occurs, skipping songs

Still happening..

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