Cannot revoke SONOS app permission, keeps being readded

Cannot revoke SONOS app permission, keeps being readded

I stayed at a rental recently, connected my Spotify account to the house SONOS system, and forgot to log out when leaving.


The new tenant keeps using my Spotify account and I can't seem to lock them out. I've


  • Changed my password
  • Clicked "Sign out everywhere"
  • Revoked the SONOS App access
  • Revoked all App access

And several of these in a variety of combinations. A few minutes after playing my music, It will be paused and sure enough, when I go back to "Apps" under my account, the SONOS authorization will be back up.


How do I fix this?

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Hey @agrravad!


It's odd that this is happening, even after logging out of everywhere and changing your password. The best thing you can do is get in contact with the support team. They'll take a look at your account and help you out.


You can reach them on Facebook or Twitter at @SpotifyCares or via email here.


Let us know how it goes!

Exactly the same issue, what kind up stupid implementation are Spotify using to manage account access - possibly a result of allowing allow easier 3rd party access ?

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