Cant Log In!!!!


This is horrible....How can i log in online but when i try through the app it constantly tells me mhy info is wrong? Ive changed my password like 15 times and it still tells me im wrong. Also why cant you just have my username somewhere I can see it. Why do i have jump through hoops to hopefully try and get it. And why dont you have a call center. There needs to be one.

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We'd recommend uninstalling the existing app on your device, then download the latest official version here.


Let us know if this helps. 



Hello @an7aylor,


Check out this link for others who have the same problem. Add a comment inncluding your phone info and Spotify version.


Hope this helps. Likes are appreciated.

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It doesnt work.. why like this.. i cant login too.. i have done uninstally app and redownload.. still same..


Thumps up. Thanks!!!


Same cannot log in.Not working on my android device.Cant login,despite i have changed my password 2 times and copied and pasted to test wheather i was typing it in wrong.Reinstalled the app a number of times.


I can't either whats going on? Reset password says it worked but still can't login?


Server side mess. Don't install anything until Spotify fix the issue ON THEIR side. They are already blaming users to deflect bad press.



I know,it looks like it's only happening on android if I'm right?


I think so

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