Cant apply payment info

Cant apply payment info


Hi there.


Just been trying to use the 30 days of Premium Trial, but I cant enter my VISA info. Tried 2 different cards now, in various browsers, but gets the same msg every time: 


Declined, please check or change payment details.


Have tried to apply the info in the Subscription > Add a payment method , but same msg appears.


Anyone out there able to help or have an idea of what could be wrong?


Best regards,


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Hey Steffen,


There are a few conditions your card will have to meet for your payment to be successful. Firstly, the card needs to be open for e-commerce, so that you can use it for online purchases (Verified by Visa/Mastercard Securecard card) and foreign purchases.


Your card will also have to be issued in the same country as the country set your Spotify profile. You can try to update your profile yourself to ensure the card and profile countries match.


Alternatively, you could try and pay through a PayPal account. If you're still having trouble, it may be worth having a chat with your bank.


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Thanks for your answer Sam.


My card is verified by VISA, and regularly used for foreign purchases. Country is said as it should be, just cant figure out what is wrong.


I ended up using PayPal, worked like a charm.


I have the same problem. I just used myVISA for an internet purchase yet I cannot use it here???


You could also try the process again using a different browser - Google Chrome, Safari, etc.

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I've got the same problem too - have been using a Visa (and have successfully paid Premium for 2 months), when I received an email in Feb indicating that my premium could not be deducted successfully.


The card works perfectly with other merchants - so am sure that it's a problem with the payment processor you guys are using. Tried on other browers, but to no avail.


What gives?


Same here. My AmEx card... I use it all the time on the internet and for some reason it's declined. Tried a couple times, but the number was right each time

My MasterCard and PayPal would not work...


@Cr1shna wrote:
My MasterCard and PayPal would not work...

Hey! Welcome to the community 🙂 


There is a help page for PayPal payments here, is your PayPal account verified?



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I had the same problem (my debit card kept coming back declined). I talked to my bank and they said Spotify was trying to make a transaction of $0.00. Since the transaction was for nothing, they declined it. I'm not sure how this is different from other methods that companies use to verify cards, but it didn't work for my bank/credit union.


I was able to add my debit card to my PayPal account and pay for my Spotify Premium subscription using PayPal, so that is a valid work around.


Hope this helps. Cheers

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