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Cant change country settings by changing pay info

Cant change country settings by changing pay info



i had a  paypal account in another country, with which i wanted to change my country. This doesn't seem to be possible.


tried to follow the instructions by changing my payment method, by adding a local credit card, but it states that it is not working, since it doesn't apply with my country settings (duh).


tried to do it from the country i'm in now, with the credit card of the country i'm in now. so it should work. but it doesn't. is this the end of the world wide web?

hope someone can help.

4 Replies

Hey @rutgerdrum, welcome to the Spotify Community!


We'd recommend checking if your card meets the requirements here. If everything is under control, the best option is to change your payment details by going here from an incognito window > head to Subscription > Update.


Have a nice day 🙂


it does not work again... have a working visa-card and it states that it doesn't match the country settings, which i have to change by changing my paymentoptions... getting all kafaesque here.

Help.  I am having the same problem.  Trying to change country from Singapore to Australia but the dropdown choice wont display.  I try to change my credit card details from a Singaporean card to an Australian card and I can't update my payment method because it doesn't match my country.  It's catch 22. 

I am having the same problem. After I update the card details to my Australian card an error message appears "The postal code you entered was not valid for the selected country." But it won't give me any option to change my country from the USA to Australia. 


Hoping you can provide a solution

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