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Cant change email, setup with facebook

Cant change email, setup with facebook


Changed Facebook password years ago and spotify hasnt updated.  have no way of loging into my samsung tv.  why isnt there an option for using facebook credentials in the tv app??  it was a massive mistake setting my account up that way appearently.  maybe its time to let go of my spotify account...  also, whats with the stupid label requirement if its so **bleep** picky, i cant enter one directly?   can yall make this any more difficult???

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Hi @IRMadCow I dont know why there is no facebook credentials login feature for the Spotify app on your tv. Make sure your tv is updated to the latest version of the Spotify app. Also make sure its connected to interent. If that fails i dont know what to tell you. I would just use Spotify on a different device. Hopefully that helps!:)

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