Cant create devide password - link not working - 500 error


Cant create devide password - link not working - 500 error

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Hi Spotify,

I really hope you can help me because I am getting a bit frustrated....


I want to create a device password. In that process I receive a link and when I visit this link I get an error that says that a problem occured and I should try later. I tried this several times on the last couple of days and still this error.


I tried getting in touch with Spotify but all I get is automatic replies and bogus answers.

On this forum I found alternative ways to get this, but that didnt work either.


In a perfect world I would like to seperate my Spotifiy account from my Facebook account, but sadly that is not an option without losing all my playlists.


best regards,


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Hey Jeroen (@user-removed),


Ignoring the first part of your topic, you can actually create another account then get in contact with Spotify Support where they'll be able to transfer your playlists to your new account.


If you're getting automated replies from Spotify Support, you just need to reply directly back to that email (don't worry about no reply etc) where a support agent will be able to respond to your request. This is just in place to prevent spam support requests which delay responce times to actual requests.




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Hi Tim,

Yes, in fact after long trying that is what I did.
Thanks for answering!