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Cant find my account


Cant find my account








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Ive created an account for a new membership then i forgot the email adress. Because i created it specificly to create a spotify account I used my brothers credit card information to get 3 month for 0 99 TRY Now that we bought a family membership i want to cancel the one that ive lost But i only have the card information what can i do about it The last thing in my mind is cancelling the credit card but im sure there is something else to do Waiting for the answers thank you

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Re: Cant find my account


Hey @becbuc!

So sorry to hear this! I hope I can help! 

Here is what I reccomend:


  1. It sounds like you have lost the account which you originally bought. First, you should try to recover it with the information here
  2. After you recover the old account, cancel the subscription on it with these steps.

After you do this, you shouln't be charged for both accounts anymore. I hope you are able to use this information! If you have any questions, feel free to let me know!




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